The project led by DJ and producer Edgar de Ramon, comes up with the desire to be an original way for discovering innovative trends in art and culture of underground music.


TUTU is a modest proposal, a platform for artists with a different mindset and simple at the same time, without taboos or egos. TUTU is seeking for Techno music with style and personality adapted to changing times.
TUTU wants to go beyond the music, wants to be a collective project that offers quality products through clothing collections and art. A project based on economic ethics, sustainable and collaborative with disadvantaged people. In this regard, TUTU Records will use a percentage of their profits for social purposes in their region and abroad.
We want music to go far beyond the songs, rhythms, dances and sessions… music connects us, makes us feel alive and turns us into human being capable to imagine new worlds.
From this point, you have at your disposal a new platform where you can visit and follow us, because together we can do much more.


TUTU Records, S.L.
Hernan Cortés, 6
43870 Amposta